Bell County Sheriff's Department Foundation Statue

Belton, Texas - Bell County Justice Court Complex

The statues, located at the front door of the Court Complex, are the focal point of the Peace Officer Memorial being constructed by the Bell County Sheriff's Department Foundation to honor all peace officers that have lost their lives in the line of duty in Bell County.  The Foundation, established in 2013 by Sheriff Eddy Lange, was created with this Memorial as one of its major goals.  The initial design came from County Commissioner Tim Brown.  Commissioner Brown was also the sculptor of the statues.  The life size bronzes were completed this summer.  "The first time I saw the sculpture, it took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes," the Sheriff exclaimed.

Commissioner Brown recommended that the statue be displayed for public viewing rather that being stored in a barn waiting for the rest of the Memorial to be constructed. 

The Memorial is to honor the following:
   •  Deputy F.W. Venable
   •  Deputy City Marshall Albertus Sweet
   •  Constable Darwin Rice
   •  Deputy City Marshall R.E. Hawks
   •  Deputy Isaac Grubbs
   •  Constable James Mitchell
   •  City Marshall John Blair
   •  Trooper Louis Dickson
   •  Trooper Bill Mahoney
   •  Lt. Walter Staley
   •  Trooper Hollie Tull
   •  Officer Carl Levin
   •  Deputy William Zak
   •  Officer James O'Brian
   •  Officer David Camden
   •  Officer Andrew Rameas
   •  Officer Robert Hornsby
   •  Deputy Adam Davis
   •  Detective Charles Dinwiddie
   •  Chief Lee Dixon
   •  Deputy Constable Jeffrey Radford
   •  Trooper Thomas Nipper