Animal Control

The Animal Control Section of the Bell County Sheriff's Office is responsible for handling all domesticated animal calls which include care, treatment, and transportation of animals, and when necessary, the issuance of citations for County Ordinance violations, the trapping of animals, Rabies Quarantines, euthanization of certain animals, and working with animal adoption agencies to help better the communities of Bell County.

The Animal Control Section is also responsible for the Zoonosis control of the County, (Texas Administrative Code, 169.131, Subchapter E), laws and regulations pertaining to Dangerous wild animals and the caging requirements and standards for dangerous wild animals.

County Commissioners Court Order for Keeping of Dangerous Wild Animals

Caging Requirements and Standards for Dangerous Wild Animals

On February 7, 2011, Bell County Commissioners passed an ordinance to control stray dogs and cats in the unincorporated portions of Bell County. The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the public from the potential spread of rabies.

Animal Control rules adopted by the Commissioners Court of Bell County

The Bell County Sheriff is tasked with the enforcement of this ordinance to include impounding strays.

For information on domesticated animals that may have been picked up by the Animal Control officers please call: 254-933-5412 for more information.

Environmental and Livestock Officer

The Bell County Environmental Office is responsible for responding to complaints of  any environmental issue, to  include investigating illegal dumping calls (refuge or tires) or hazardous material issues. This Officer also enforces the Local and State laws pertaining to livestock.

Listing for impoundment of estrays