Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2

Juvenile Truant Conduct

House Bill 2398 was passed during the 84th Texas Legislature.  This bill decriminalized juvenile truancy, creating a new civil offense of truant conduct, and made sweeping changes to Chapter 65 of the Texas Education Code.

Bell County has established a designated Truancy Court which will be presided over by Judge Cliff Coleman, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2.  All Truant Conduct cases will be filed within that court regardless of the physical precinct where the school may be located.

The County Attorney's Office has a designated truant conduct prosecutor to represent the State in these cases.  To streamline and simplify the process dictated by the new law, the prosecutor has created required forms to be used for the referral.  These forms are available below in PDF fillable format. 

The Supreme Court of Texas mandated electronic filing of civil cases in 2012 and Bell County has elected to make electronic filing of the truant conduct cases also compulsory.  The Office of Court Administration contracted with Tyler Technologies to provide a statewide system to facilitate the process - Efile Texas.  The link to the portal as well as training documents and videos is noted below.

Required Documents

Efile Texas - https://efile.txcourts.gov/